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In-Home Package

In-Home Package



Perfect for families that would like some in-home support to be shown how to implement settling strategies. 


Your consultation includes:

  • Comprehensive Client Intake Questionnaire.
  • 60 minute phone consultation BEFORE your in-home consultation.
  • 2-Hour in-home consultation at nap time.
  • Follow up support for 3 weeks, post in-home consultation, via Rested App.
  • Personalised Sleep Report with age appropriate, gentle & effective settling techniques. Everything discussed during your consultation is included in your sleep plan, along with additional sleep information and tips.
  • Personalised Sustaining Sleep Success Guide at the conclusion of your support period. This covers all of the sleep hurdles you may encounter in the future (regressions, nap transitions, bed transitions etc.) and how to tackle them.
  • Access to Private Facebook group for ongoing sleep support.

I will listen to your sleep concerns and walk you through and troubleshoot your issues within the 60 minute consultation.  Following your consultation you will receive a comprehensive sleep report, detailing our conversation with relevant steps and information.

I will arrive 30 minutes prior to nap time to get to know you and your bub and check the sleep environment. I will be completely lead by you during nap time. I can observe you settling and resettling and provide feedback, I can show you how to settle and resettle or we can do it together. I will stay for a total of 2 hours to support you and your bub after one sleep cycle and have time to talk through suggestions and next steps with you. 

You will then receive an additional 3 weeks of ongoing support, ensuring you are on track with your sleep plan as well as answer any questions & rectify any sleep issues you may have.


At the conclusion of your support period you will also receive a comprehensive Sustaining Sleep Success Guide. This will include information, tips and tricks to handle any sleep hurdles you may encounter in the future. This is a FREE personalised resource for you and your family, which many other consultants either DO NOT offer or charge EXTRA for.


**Please fill out the TERMS & CONDITIONS and INTAKE FORM. These will be linked on your confirmation email. You will receive an email from Please check your spam/junk folder. 

Once you have completed the TERMS & CONDITIONS Sam will contact you to arrange your consultation time.


I will be completely led by you. Don't wait for me to contact you during your 3 weeks of support, contact me anytime as I will attempt to follow your schedule. 

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